Monday, January 14, 2008


A few years ago, my mother-in-law decided she had acquired enough things in her life, and requested "no more gifts" for birthdays or holidays. Instead, she would prefer a written memory, so she could collect them in a book. I figured my husband's childhood memories were probably more valuable to her than my own, so for this past Christmas, I contributed by illustrating the memory he chose. Here is the memory that this picture illustrates:

""It was morning, and we were at the parking lot of the elementary school. [Brother] was in the very back seat of the van throwing a screaming tantrum. Mom was being a good mother and ignoring him to let it run it's course (which always seemed to take a long time). Then Mom asked what kind of treat we would like, and [Brother] screamed, 'NOTHING,' over and over. Eventually, Mom cheerfully agreed to get us "nothings." I'll never forget the confused look on [Brother's] face when Mom agreed with him. A short while later, we were munching on coffee cakes. The name stuck, and we have referred to coffee cakes as 'nothings' ever since."

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