Tuesday, December 11, 2007

5 Things

Well, looks like I, too, have been tagged to share 5 random things about myself. I was tagged by Lesley Withrow; a very talented artist with some great designs. I can't promise interesting, but they will most definitely be random.

I originally had five wisdom teeth; four have been removed. Obviously, the fifth is there to hold all that extra wisdom I have. ;)

Growing up, I competed in Scottish Highland Dancing. I learned that kilts are actually quite comfortable. And dancing over swords? Less comfortable.

I have always liked Sanrio (aka Hello Kitty) stuff. My grandma used to take me and my sisters to the Hello Kitty store once a year. She would patiently wait while we circled around the store numerous times with our piggy banks carefully deciding what to buy. This would literally take HOURS.

When I have extra energy to burn, and it is too cold outside for a walk, I play Dance Dance Revolution for Xbox.

My first spoken word was "kitty." I suppose this explains a lot about #3 as well as half the stuff that shows up in my sketchbook. I wouldn't call myself a cat lover; I just happen to really enjoy drawing small mammals of the cute and furry variety.

The End


Eli said...

I like that you illustrated your 5 things, cute results!

*Shawna said...

Fun facts! I like the little sketches you put in. I like your last two posts also. I always love the color schemes your choose.

sheree said...

haha --- your grandmother must have been a very patient woman! :) There was an enchanting hello kitty store near me when i was a tot - i'm sure it drove my mom mad everytime i wanted to go in!

i love the animal on the kilt --- and the cute kitty!

Alisa Haggard said...

eli & *shawna- Thanks so much!

Thanks, sheree! Yes, my Grandma was SO patient with us. She would sit on a mall bench outside the store and watch the people passing by to stay entertained. I can see now why she opted for that since being inside a Hello Kitty store for any amount of time can be overwhelming. :)

*Shawna said...

Hi Alisa. We'll be having our next critique on January 15th. I will send out an email soon. Laters!